10 creative promotional products for schools

The great thing about well-targeted promotional products for schools is that, once students get their hands on them, they naturally market them to your exact target audience. That means that for every item distributed, it is actually exposing your school to tens, if not hundreds of other students with no extra cost or effort. As with all marketing materials, it’s items that are genuinely creative and useful that will lead to maximum results, so here are 10 promotional products to help spread awareness about your school.

Branded School Bags

At fares and exhibits, drawstring bags are useful and practical for helping students carry away all the information and products they will pick up that day. A good quality bag can then be good for day-to-day use around school or campus as well.

Pencil Cases

Pencil cases are a very prominent way to display your school’s identity as, during classes, it will always be placed on the desk in plain view.

School Badges

Badges naturally draw attention as people pass by one another, and better yet, they are small and affordable to be given out in bulk.

Promotional Pens

In the classroom, extra pens are always a practical thing to have lying around, so have a great chance of being used frequently long into the future, but also outside of school.

Sports Bottles

Outside of the classroom, branded sports bottles serve as a further marketing tool for your school.

Printed School T-Shirts

Branded t-shirts are a must-have for those working at exhibits promoting your school and handing out useful information to prospective students.

Personalised Stationery

Other stationery, including rubbers and rulers, are handy products that all students need, so have a good chance of featuring in classrooms all across the country.

Branded Notepads

Every time a student sits down to take notes, or revise for an exam, having your brand at the top of each page they write on is an incredibly powerful reminder of your school that will be seen multiple times each day.

USB Flash Drives

Though slightly more expensive than some other products, a branded USB flash drive is a highly useful product to receive and one that has an extremely good chance of being used not just for weeks and months but years to come, rather than put to one side.

Note Clips

Note clips, which can be stuck to a student’s fridge or wall, are a useful tool for daily reminders or for exam notes.

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