10 tips for creating an effective trade show stand design

The success of your upcoming event could be made or ruined by how well your stand design performs. A great stand design will help draw in far more customers and maximise any brand exposure you hope to gain. So, to get the most from the event, here are 10 tips to consider when creating an effective trade show stand design.

1. Make use of both light and height

Many exhibition ‘shell schemes’ have a maximum height of 4m, but you should find out ahead of time how tall you can have your stand. You can then make full use of the allowed height to best promote your brand. As an added tip, consider using hanging ceiling signs where possible. Fill your allocated space accordingly, by finding out your dimensions you will avoid any embarrassment of you stand looking out of place.

2. Use your graphics well

Any graphics you include should be tasteful and high quality, it should also compliment any accompanying messages.

3. Get graphic design help

It is often best to bring in professional help in designing graphics. This will ensure they stand up on the day and help to improve the quality your brand gives off, rather than take away from it.

4. Keep things simple

Don’t go overboard in loading up your design with tonnes of information and graphics. Instead, keep the message clear and easy to read for passers-by.

5. Have clear branding

The final stand design should be an extension of your brand, so ensure the colour theme fits in with your logo and any other branding you have used in the past.

Download our free trade show planning checklist

6. Choose the right exhibition display

There are a wide variety of exhibition displays and trade show banners available, so do your research beforehand to choose the one best suited to the upcoming event.

7. Choose the right exhibition display

Before you sign off on any design work, proofread it again and again and check for any errors you might have missed. Any spelling errors in your final product will bring embarrassment to your company, and could possibly drive potential customers away.

8. Include all necessary information

Before you begin designing, clearly write out the vital information your design should highlight. Afterward, ensure all of that information has been included.

9. Combine it with audio visual equipment

Including some audio visual equipment alongside your display is a fantastic way to engage passers-by and to get people to take notice of your brand.

10. Place your trade show marketing message carefully

Decide early on what your exact marketing message will be, and ensure that is front and centre for all potential customers to see. If your stand is not fully visable, how do you expect to get your branding message across?

At Portako, we have worked with numerous brands over the years to create top quality exhibition stand designs. We can help with everything right through from designing the look to choosing the right materials and then creating a high-quality finished stand. If you think you might be interested, simply read more here about our event marketing sevices.

Free Trade Show Planning Checklist

We recently created a great free resource for anyone currently planning to trade show or exhibtion stand. You can download it here.

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