Key benefits to promotional product giveaways

If you’re a savvy business looking to increase your customer base and boost loyalty to your brand, offering promotional gifts is a winning strategy to follow. Here are some top benefits of giving away promotional merchandise:

Raise awareness of your brand

Branded promotional gifts increase awareness of your company, particularly if the merchandise is functional or will get repeated use. Every time the recipient uses or looks at the gift, they’ll be reminded of your brand. If friends, family or colleagues also get to see these branded items, this expands awareness of your business even further. However, only ever give away items that are of use to your audiences, to achieve maximum impact.

Stand out at an event

Branded items that you give away at an event or exhibition can draw visitors to your stand and elevate you above the competition. Crucially, attendees enjoy receiving promotional gifts, making them feel positive about your brand. This is great news for your business image and reputation.

Reflect your brand

Far from being just a nice gesture, clever use of promotional merchandise can reflect who you are as a business, and what you stand for. If your promotional gifts are made from ethical, sustainable or recycled materials, for instance, it can show that you’re a business who is thoughtful and caring.

Boost customer retention

Promotional gifts help to win over new customers, but they’re also a top marketing choice if you’re looking to keep existing clients hooked on your brand for the long term. Loyal clients will appreciate the gesture from receiving the gift, and it will help to keep your brand name firmly at the front of their minds. Free gifts also show that you’re committed to building relationships with customers.

Versatile options

The beauty of offering promotional gifts is that you don’t necessarily need to blow your marketing budget to create the desired effect. There are lots of different promotional ideas to choose from, to reflect how much you want to spend. In fact, you could find the costs are quickly offset by the many benefits to be gained from offering free gifts.

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