Corporate events have long been popular among large and small businesses looking to impress stakeholders, attract new clients, or to reward staff. Over the years, a number of different venues have cropped up to specifically host events and offer corporate event planning. Nowadays, there is a lot of choice in deciding what sort of event to go for and print marketing for events. If you’re responsible for planning an upcoming event for your company, here are five of the most popular types to improve your understanding of what to offer.

Business Appreciation Events

Appreciation events are a chance for companies to recognise and reward the achievements of employees or long-standing clients. They can be held at luxurious locations and the evenings aren’t necessarily focused on upselling anything, but more on improving and building relationships.

Corporate Board Meetings

Depending on the nature of the company, these are typically held maybe twice a year in both large private and public companies. It’s a chance for all invested stakeholders to review company performance and get an understanding of where the business is headed in the coming months.

Business Retreats

This is perhaps the most high-end example of a corporate event, and is where a select number of individuals are whisked off to a luxury destination. They usually contain an equal mix of business development activities and luxury relaxation or activities.

Team Building Days

Team building events offer the chance for companies to better build the bonds between all members of an organisation. Everyone gets the chance to get to know each other better in a setting that is different from the traditional working environment. It can also be seen as something of a treat for the employees.

Conferences or Business Seminars

These are designed to help showcase your company to new or existing clients with regards to your products or services. They include a number of speakers throughout the day and are used to train staff or improve their skill set in a specific way.

No matter what sort of event you’re planning, some marketing materials would likely be very useful. We supply a large variety of print marketing for events which can better showcase your company, and allow you to better impress shareholders or potential clients. In particular, large format printing is now very popular, and something your company could no doubts benefits from.

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