5 creative marketing ideas for schools

If you’re running a school, marketing has to be near the top of your priorities. High-quality creative school marketing can help you to find ways for your students to show off their pride in the school, boost their engagement and attract parents to sign their children up with you.

Whatever your school type, customised marketing materials, such as promotional products for schools, can play a huge part in building school spirit and establishing a good reputation in the community. So how can you harness the power of creative marketing? Here are five top ideas.

Customised school polo shirts

Creating a a polo shirt or t-shirt that displays the name and logo of your school is an effective way to boost student engagement by strengthening their identification with the school. The t-shirts can be tailored to carry any message you wish to display, and by asking your students to wear them during certain events – such as sports or arts days – and sharing pictures through social media, you can both help to raise the profile of your school and to create a sense of pride in the establishment among your students.

School event banners

Well-designed banners can be an excellent way of promoting school events, from sports days to student open days. The banners can be tailored to communicate a unique message and by placing them prominently, both inside and outside the school, they will grab the attention of students and parents. It can also be a good idea to involve the students in designing the banners, helping them to become involved in the school marketing process.

Branded school bags for students

Tote bags are an easily-customisable item that can serve as a useful marketing tool. By coming up with a striking tote bag logo or message, and giving bags to your students, you can not only help them with carrying their day to day school items, you can also help to spread the word about your school and increase positive exposure.

Print branded school stickers

Most children love stickers and offering a range of cool, eye-catching stickers featuring appropriate school-related images and messages can help you to build engagement and pride amongst your students. The stickers can be used to promote the school or various school events and students can use them on their stationery, bags and bikes, helping to raise awareness of the school in the local community.

Design and print a school prospectus

One of the most important marketing tools a school can develop is through its portfolio. A quality school prospectus design can create a strong first impression among parents and is a calling card, PR campaign and catalogue all in one. An innovative, high-quality prospectus that is full of relevant information and beautiful pictures of your school can do wonders for its image, and pay dividends in terms of good publicity and school application rates.

School Prospectus Design Guide – Free Download

prospectus design

Our experience if working with the education sector, and in particular with schools, means we have a real understanding of your marketing needs. Our design team have producing print literature for many years and have put together a free school prospectus design guide. This includes design and content considerations, and suggested ideas for printing and binding.

Click through to our Education Marketing page to download your free guide.

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