The ingredients of a successful school marketing strategy

The market for education is, as it has been for many years, incredibly crowded. If you’re seeking to attract the right candidates of the right quality, an effective school marketing strategy is a must. This strategy needs to be focused and well defined, in order to help you get the results you want and in the time you need them. Before you start writing, here are the essential ingredients of what makes a successful school marketing strategy.

Layout your marketing goals

Rather than just getting to work and throwing ideas around, you and your team need to understand exactly what you are aiming to achieve and why. Though it may sound simple, such as “attract 300 students next year”, “hand out 1,000 school prospectuses” or “have 2,000 students at this year’s fare”, having these goals written down then influences each step you will take.

Decide what resources your school marketing strategy needs

It is crucial that early on in any marketing campaign, you get a firm grip on what you’re going to need in order to reach your targets. This means looking at what promotional products you will need, how many people you need to assist and ultimately what budget all of this will require. Important products such as the school prospectuses need to be designed and printed to a very high standard in order to send out the right message; so, though you should keep an eye on budget, you need to be sure to allocate enough resources early on. Once decided, keep a firm eye on all spending along the way.

Include other school staff in the marketing plan

A successful school marketing strategy is only a success with the involvement of a number of people all working towards a common goal. This means that you should hear the ideas and expertise from any faculty involved in the campaign.

Get the execution right

Once your strategy is decided, be sure that everyone is focused on achieving their goals and targets by the given dates. On the day of any exhibits or open days, put your preparation into place and focus on doing what you have spent weeks and months aiming to achieve.

Asses your marketing results

It’s vital that you remember that next year you will need to go through the same process and so this year’s strategy is a great place to make mistakes and learn from them. Keep notes in a diary of what went well this time around, as well as what you could do better next year. There is always room for improvement.

As mentioned, any successful school marketing strategy requires you to incorporate a number of promotional products, which serve as a practical reminder of your school to prospective students. At Portako, one of our services is offering educational printing services, in order to help schools better promote themselves and provide the right branded products that get the job done. To discuss the products we have available, and to better assist you with your school marketing strategy, get in contact with us today.

School Prospectus Design Guide – Free Download

prospectus design

Our experience if working with the education sector, and in particular with schools, means we have a real understanding of your marketing needs. Our design team have producing print literature for many years and have put together a free school prospectus design guide. This includes design and content considerations, and suggested ideas for printing and binding.

Click through to our Education Marketing page to download your free guide.

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