How to design professional large format print

Large format printing can be a powerful marketing tool to help promote your brand and quickly increase exposure. However, the effect your large format print has will depend largely on how well you go about producing it in the first place. So, to help you achieve maximum results, here’s a quick guide to designing professional large format prints.

First off, consider the viewer

Before you start deciding on any details, you first need to decide who your target viewer is. This means answering each of the following questions:

  • Where will the print be displayed?
  • Who do you want to view it?
  • How far will they be from it?
  • What information do they need from you seeing it?

Next, consider imagery

Images are a powerful addition to any print marketing tool, but you need to be sure to use them wisely. So, here is some guidance to follow:

  • Choose a correct image format. The further someone is from your banner, the lower dpi your image will need to be, and vice-versa the closer they get.
  • Make sure the image colour schemes are in-keeping with everything else on the banner
  • Don’t crowd the banner with images as it will make it harder to process and read from a distance
  • Make sure you own the copyright to any images you use

Use text wisely

Of course, text will need to be a part of your finished design, but consider each of these points when deciding what to include:

  • Only say what you need to say. The more text you have, the less likely someone is to wait around and read it. Include what you need to and capture their interest right away
  • Make sure it is large enough to be read at the distance your customers will be from it
  • Choose a font that is easy to read
  • Consider the colour of the text you use and how well it merges with the images and other designs on there

Selecting your material

You have a lot of material choice with large format print, so use these pointers to help you make the right decision:

  • Will your banner be indoors or outdoors? Indoor materials include lightweight and more affordable paper options, whereas outdoor signs will require something more robust.
  • Will it need to be flexible? If you are fixing it to a wall or something else, then keep it flexible. Other options include static indoor stands.
  • Transportation. If you will need to be transporting this print material a lot, then consider future convenience. For example, roll-up banners are great for safely storing and using at multiple future exhibitions.

Choose the right manufacturer

Here at Portako, we are print marketing specialists with years of experience spent creating all kinds of print marketing materials for different occasions. We offer a complete large format printing service and are happy to help with all stages of the purchasing process, right through from design to final printing.

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