Getting the most from marketing at a trade show

Attending trade shows is a great way to market your product/service to potential customers. However, these events can be quite daunting, so in order to get the most from trade show marketing it’s best to have a strategy. Remember, whilst you’re there to market your own products, you’re also an attendee and should take the opportunity to see what your competitors are doing. In event marketing it’s essential that you don’t waste the opportunity by not being prepared so it’s often best to plan your activities as such:

Before the event

  1. List what you want to achieve – what are your company aims?
  2. Know your competitors. Which of them are exhibiting, spend time researching other vendors
  3. Ensure your stand will look professional
  4. Make list of other exhibitors you’d like to speak to and ensure you get round to seeing them
  5. Make sure you have enough marketing literature printed, especially business cards. Nothing looks less professional than running out of your own information at these events
  6. Have a pre-printed form to record relevant vendor names, contact details and such
  7. Have some promotional material – ‘giveaways’ (pens, keyrings etc.) – just little things branded with your company logo to include in a ‘literature pack’ for potential clients

Download our free trade show planning checklist

During the event

  1. When collecting brochures/information from other vendors pick ONLY the ones that are relevant to you – it becomes a long day if carrying masses of material. Vendors will be happy to mail materials to you so take the opportunity to leave them your details to do so
  2. Gather information on what your competitors in the market place are up – engage with the staff at the other booths – just a note – don’t get too ‘technical’ in your questions so as to alert them to the fact that you’re a competitor!
  3. Don’t worry about ‘offending people’ – don’t be afraid to just walk past vendors who hold no value to your business – you’re not obliged to stop at every booth!
  4. Be generous with your business cards –if you attend workshops at the event you’ll be with like-minded, relevant people so take the networking opportunity

After the event

  1. Be generous with your business cards –if you attend workshops at the event you’ll be with like-minded, relevant people so take the networking opportunity
  2. Review the exhibitors that impressed you- what can you take from their display that would improve your own company’s marketing campaign?
  3. IMPORTANT – ensure you follow-up any contacts you made/engaged with!

Free Trade Show Planning Checklist

We recently created a great free resource for anyone currently planning to trade show or exhibtion stand. You can download it here.

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