Transform your marketing operations with print management services

From business cards to banners and brochures – so much of marketing involves getting your name out there, and often this involves printing. But how much time, and money, does printing require you to sacrifice? If it can seem like you are investing too much of either into placing orders, it could be time for you to consider print management services.

Consolidate your printing costs

As we all know, the effectiveness of business practices ultimately come down to impact on the bottom line. But if you are ordering multiple print jobs here and there, you are potentially missing out on savings which could make a real difference when it comes to counting your profits. If you are responsible for managing a marketing budget, you should know that print management services can offer you the opportunity to pay less for your printing and divert the surplus funds to other areas of your marketing strategy. It is all thanks to consolidating your costs with one managed service.

Save time on printing objectives

Whether you are accustomed to using one or multiple printing service providers, if you are placing orders without a managed account, you risk wasting time when it comes to outlining your requirements. With one account manager who you can trust to deliver time and again, you might be amazed at how much easier it is to place orders with a print management service. It is all about getting to know your brand guidelines, business model, and what your objectives are printing wise.

Design & print consultancy you can count on

Have you ever placed a printing order and felt rushed into a decision when choosing your format or design? It shouldn’t be like that, and with a print management company to look after all your printing needs, you can benefit from expert advice whenever you need it. Whether you need suggestions on the artwork or size of your planned printing project – with experienced professionals on your side, you can make sure each job is a satisfactory one.

So there are some reasons why a print service provider can be the way to go for your marketing operations. How much could you benefit from consolidating your printing requirements?

Welcome to Portako

Based in Surrey, Portako was established in 2011 with the objective of helping time-limited professionals source their marketing literature, all print requirements and promotional products as efficiently as possible.

We help organisations who regularly buy print and promotional products save both time and money with our professional managed print services.

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