School brochure design – Getting the format right

School prospectuses are absolutely vital tools in ensuring that children and parents alike are convinced of an institution’s suitability and dedication as a place of learning. Indeed, while open days and visits are inevitably a significant part of the decision-making process, prospectuses provide concrete, lasting evidence of a school’s calibre. In this way, it is essential that these documents are formatted in a logical, accessible and aesthetically pleasing way.

The size of your school prospectus

One of the first things to consider is the size of the prospectus: anything too big and it will be an encumbrance to parents, increasing the likelihood of them leaving it behind; anything too small, and important content within the booklet is more likely to be overlooked or simply forgotten. A safe bet for most school brochures is to opt for a size that adheres to A4 dimensions, or thereabouts. This allows lots of important information to be included in an easily transportable document.

The print  finish can add professionalism and durability

Another thing to think about is the overall finish and texture of your prospectus. While this might seem ostensibly insignificant or frivolous, it can have a bearing on how professional the finished product looks, and thereby affect how professional the institution is made to seem. This is not to say that there is one way to appear professional, however. Glossy, matt or silk finishes are all very viable options, and it may ultimately come down to personal aesthetic preference which texture you opt for. This can also extend to different lamination techniques, which can affect how durable the prospectus is. Indeed, having a tough and shiny prospectus can be a great option when lots of excited kids are involved.

Put thought into the content and execution

Finally, it may also be worth thinking about using tabs and colour coded sections in your prospectus, to allow for easy navigation around the booklet. Indeed, those with a particular interest in the science department, for example, may find a tab dedicated to the subject very useful. Adding in these extra touches can also make the prospectus look even more aesthetically pleasing, and show parents that real thought has been put into its execution.

School Prospectus Design Guide – Free Download

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Our experience if working with the education sector, and in particular with schools, means we have a real understanding of your marketing needs. Our design team have producing print literature for many years and have put together a free school prospectus design guide. This includes design and content considerations, and suggested ideas for printing and binding.

Click through to our Education Marketing page to download your free guide.

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