Our top school marketing ideas to boost enrollment

The education world is a highly competitive one, particularly in today’s market, and schools increasingly have to promote themselves to students and parents using professional marketing and communication methods in order to succeed.

With marketing for schools a growing field, what ideas can your educational institution employ to position itself firmly within the target market’s minds? Here are some top techniques to try as part of your broader school marketing strategy.

Get your promotional materials right

There are plenty of excellent promotional products for schools which can be used for handouts and enticements at open evenings and awareness events, recruitment occasions and informational sessions. Promotional products for schools are also ideal for direct mailing campaigns, and our customers tend to like branded pens, post-it notes, notepads, bags or other educationally relevant promos which have a practical use – whilst displaying school branding. These items also work well for ongoing brand awareness, as well as for recruitment activities.

Get your branding right

School branding is a specialist field of its own, so use a graphic designer or agency with experience in the field who can refine (or re-design) your logo so that it is of professional quality and ready to use across all of your visual materials. Once defined, you can then correctly brand everything with your brand colours, image style, graphics and other brand elements to produce highly professional materials.

Create a superb prospectus

School prospectus design is key, so again, invest in the design support that you need to produce a print and digital prospectus as well as any mini supporting guides which are needed. Get assistance with copywriting as required and use a photographer for ‘real’ images of the school and its pupils, capturing image use consents from parents as part of your data protection policy. Although digital prospectuses are common, it makes sense to have print versions too which parents often prefer to browse through at leisure. These can also be mailed or distributed at events, and larger print runs attract a far more competitive unit cost.

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