School prospectus design – the importance of call to actions

So you think you’ve achieved the perfect school prospectus design – it includes all the reasons why a student should enrol in your school and is packed with impactful images. But your prospectus printing might fall short of achieving your objectives without an effective call to action.

We live in a world where digital content has seen increased usage. But despite the convenience of relaying information online, there are still benefits of creating a physical prospectus or brochure which digital content cannot replicate. However, if there is one thing which a hard copy prospectus can learn from its digital cousin, it is that a call to action is crucial. The fact that a parent or prospective student cannot simply click a mouse to contact you, or find out information, means that your call to action is even more important. It must spell out the key steps to take in order to register interest in a school or ask for more information, be that going online, sending an email, or making a phone call.

Now let’s look at some of the options available for including a call to action within a school prospectus:

Direct prospectus readers to a website landing page

If a parent or pupil is keen on your school after reading your prospectus, it is likely that they will want more information or have questions. You can direct them to a particular landing page online, usually your website, and from there present them with an FAQ section or provide further details for direct contact.

All landing pages should have a web form

Data capture is very important for your marketing aims, so make sure you have all the details you need by inviting prospectus readers to go online and fill out a web form to register their interest.

Use a QR code for quick online redirection

A great way to take a reader straight to the online destination you want them in is to give them a QR code, which simply requires a scan using a smartphone to take them directly to the web page of your choice.

Always include an easy to find telephone number

If you have a team which is ready to speak with pupils or parents over the phone, then it might be that the best way to answer any questions they may have, or understand what they are looking for, is to speak to them directly. For this reason, a clearly marked telephone number, with information on availability, can be the most effective call to action.

So those are some ideas for a call to action in your school brochure design – you could be missing out on potential pupils without one!

School Prospectus Design Guide – Free Download

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Our experience if working with the education sector, and in particular with schools, means we have a real understanding of your marketing needs. Our design team have producing print literature for many years and have put together a free school prospectus design guide. This includes design and content considerations, and suggested ideas for printing and binding.

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