The different school prospectus printing options

If you thought school prospectus printing came down to just choosing between A4 and A5, think again. It might be said that the hardest part of school marketing is to get the content right, but there are still some decisions to make before you order your first batch of brochures. In this blog, we take a look at some of the options which are available when printing a school prospectus.

Settle on a size of your prospectus

The layout of your brochure – that is, whether you opt for A4 or A5, and whether the shape is portrait or landscape – should be decided early on in the design process. That’s because the amount of content you produce, and how you set it out, will be dictated by the space you have to fill.

Choose a prospectus printing method

When deciding on your educational printing services, a key element which is sometimes overlooked is the printing method itself. This can have implications for quality, speed and cost. Here are some of the typical methods open to you:

Sheet Fed Litho

This is a budget-friendly option which uses recycled paper, so you can also give your sustainability credentials a boost. If you need to order a large run, sheet fed litho could be a good choice.

Web offset

Another good choice for large orders, web offset uses paper stocks which are marginally more limited, but can still do the job.

Digital Printing

Digital printing is the quickest method available to you, and is also suitable for small runs. If you have a template and need to see a hard copy of the design, or are falling behind with your deadlines, then digital could be the way to go.

Don’t forget the binding!

Is your brochure going to be used as part of a ring binder? Does it need to stand the test of time, as well as possible transportation over long distances? These are all things to consider when choosing your binding. You could choose saddle stitching, which is known as a cost-effective solution, or for the purpose of ring binders, loop wiring may work well. For a traditional square spine, use perfect binding.

Above all, work with an educational printing services provider who stands ready to offer you a consultancy on the best methods for you, and can provide discounted rates for large orders.

School Prospectus Design Guide – Free Download

prospectus design

Our experience if working with the education sector, and in particular with schools, means we have a real understanding of your marketing needs. Our design team have producing print literature for many years and have put together a free school prospectus design guide. This includes design and content considerations, and suggested ideas for printing and binding.

Click through to our Education Marketing page to download your free guide.

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