How to successfully market your stand before a trade show

A trade show is a prime opportunity to meet and convert potential clients, but the success or failure of your stand may survive or fall on your ability to market your stand before the show. It’s an area of your trade show preparation that you neglect at your peril. Get it right and you’ll create a real buzz around your stand before the show begins.

Attract your audience

You’ll already have an extensive contact list, so make sure you let them know you’ll be attending the show. By promoting the show you can also market your booth. You’ll also want access to the pre-show registration list, so contact the show organisers for a copy. Be precise about who you target on the list – for example – other exhibitors can be eliminated as non-prospects.

Implement multi-touch marketing using direct mail and promotional products, an email campaign, social media and your sales team who have regular and direct contact with your clients. Aim for at least three points of contact pre-show.

Create a great trade show campaign

Eye-catching, engaging and interesting – those are the goals for your tradeshow marketing.

  • Set your goals for success and your metrics for progress
  • Pick an outstanding theme for your exhibition stand design that relates to your business, appears on all your marketing materials and makes your booth a must visit.
  • Create a landing that can serve as a data capture device while providing information about your stand and generating buzz for the event.
  • Create promotions to generate interest and incentivise prospects to visit your stand.

Download our free trade show planning checklist

Set appointments with attendees

Before the tradeshow even begins, you can guarantee an influx of traffic to your stand by setting up appointments with current clients and new prospects. Confirm your appointments by email a few days before the show and don’t forget to follow up, whether they keep the appointment or not.

Get the timing right

Set yourself a timetable for pre-show marketing and make sure to contact your clients at each of these touchpoints:

  • Six months before the event – focus on tradeshow marketing, encouraging clients to attend the tradeshow.
  • One-two months beforehand – promote your booth and invite clients to visit during the show. Reveal your theme and send out any direct mailers at this point.
  • Final few days – this is the last blast for your event marketing so make it great by including maps, confirming appointments and reminding people why they must visit your booth.

A successful closed-loop strategy will drive highly qualified traffic to your booth, create a buzz that generates more interest and results in a higher rate of conversions.


Free Trade Show Planning Checklist

We recently created a great free resource for anyone currently planning to trade show or exhibtion stand. You can download it here.

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