How to create the perfect school prospectus design

When it comes to informing potential students about the benefits of attending your establishment, there is no more effective tool than a printed school prospectus. The competition to present the most appealing and impressive prospectus is high, and you’ll want to do all you can to ensure your next school prospectus design shines in comparison to the competition.

With this in mind, we’ve gathered the four essential considerations that you must get right to ensure you design the prospectus that wins over the highest number of potential students for the next academic year.

Make an impact with engaging imagery

A picture is worth 1,000 words, and your prospectus provides you with the opportunity to present prospective students with images that help them to imagine how it would feel to attend your school, college or university. It is of vital importance that the photographs you present show real students, facilities and members of staff, and that all are shown in the best possible light. You might consider hiring a professional photographer for a day during the academic year, so that they can walk around the grounds and capture some high-quality shots that can go on your prospectus, and perhaps your website too.

Use consistent and attractive branding

Try to combine your superb photographs with a design that really matches the colour palette of your establishment. This will make your marketing literature instantly recognisable. Include the crest/emblem of your establishment, strategically placed around the prospectus to keep it in the reader’s mind.

Consider final presentation

If you want to be as impressive as possible, you might want to consider presenting it in a classy folder that complements the prospectus design. This way, you can also include extra compartments for additional literature and forms, to produce a complete induction package.

Always use professional printing

Print enables the reader to have something they can touch and feel, and is generally considered more trustworthy than digital content. To make your branded, printed prospectus look professional, you’ll want to take advantage of the glossy paper and expert finishes a professional print company can offer. With high quality school prospectus printing, you will look most professional and provide potential students with digestible pages of print that they can easily refer back to.

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