Trade show staffing guide – prepare for success!

For a successful trade show, you must ensure that you have the right staff on your stand and that they are sufficiently prepared and trained to operate in the right way on the day. Remember, your business and brand will be immediately represented by the people who man your stand, workshop or exhibition, so you need to choose them carefully and be confident that they will be able to engage with leads and existing clients in the right way.

For successful trade show marketing, the time and effort that you put into trade show planning will be absolutely key to success. Let’s take a look at some of the main aspects of trade show planning you need to consider in relation to your staffing on the day.

Define what your trade show staff will do on the day

All good trade show marketing strategy requires clear objectives. So make sure you define the roles and responsibilities of your booth staff. Be detailed and specific so that there can be no uncertainty about what individuals are there to do on the day. Aspects you might want to consider include skills, knowledge, personality and experience. Ideally, you’ll need a mix of roles and personalities on the stand, with at least one or two highly-knowledgeable staff members who have the experience to answer trickier or more in-depth questions.

Download our free trade show planning checklist

Recruit and train

Gather up your team internally, being clear on whether they will have a role as a speaker, a lead generator, a product tester and so forth. Train them by providing key messages, information about the event, resources and other useful details that will help them to carry out their role. Define the standards of dress and behaviour expected on the day, especially with regards to any corporate entertaining on site, and provide details of the day’s itinerary.

Monitor on the day

If you are using new trade show staff from your employee base on the day, then make sure an experienced manager visits your booth or workshop in order to assess how they are doing. This enables any extra support to be given as necessary.

Celebrate success and say thank you

Manning a trade show is hard work – so say thank you and recognise your diligent staffers! A post-event drink, a voucher, some flowers or chocolates are all good ways to show your appreciation, with a note or card that shows how you valued their contribution.

Free Trade Show Planning Checklist

We recently created a great free resource for anyone currently planning to trade show or exhibtion stand. You can download it here.

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