How to master tradeshow giveaways and gauge their success

Every business present at a trade show will be giving away some kind of promotional products – so how can you get your promo strategy right and know whether or not your investment has been successful? Here are some top tips for success with your trade show giveaways.

Know your audience

A key aspect of successful trade show marketing is to understand your audience and to successfully gauge their needs. Consider bringing a range of promotional products that will match different visitor types.

Know your objectives

Why are you bringing trade show giveaways? Know your objective. Brand recognition and awareness is a common goal. Other businesses want to achieve an intended outcome, such as a contact from a fresh lead.

Pick your promos carefully

You’ll see a wide range of promos on offer at a trade show, so consider yours carefully to stand out. There are only so many biros that a person can use! Perhaps pick something useful – such as a pen drive. Maybe pick something fun and linked to a campaign, such as desktop seed kit that will grow into a plant. You’ll find a huge catalogue of items online to peruse, with options to suit every budget.

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Place your message

Promo items for trade show marketing can be customised with your own message – whether that’s a phone number or URL. Keep it as brief as possible so that the copy is legible. A logo, business name, phone number and website address is typical. For a larger item, you can also add social media handles.

Bulk buy

Tradeshow giveaways will invariably attract a discount if they are ordered in bulk. Plan ahead taking the year’s events and direct mail campaigns into consideration and bulk order as far as possible to benefit from lower unit costs.

Establish your giveaway qualifier

What will your trade stand visitors need to do to get your promo item? Will they need to simply visit your stand, partake in a demonstration or provide their contact details for example? This is important to help achieve your objectives.

Track results

If you hand out special offers, then provide a redemption code to track the success of your campaign. For broader promo items, meet with your tradeshow team afterwards to gather feedback about the success of the day. Did your salespeople find the giveaways useful? Did customers seem to like them? Have there been contacts or responses as a result of the promos?

By thinking strategically, planning carefully and gathering feedback after the event, you can greatly improve the outcomes of your trade show marketing.

Free Trade Show Planning Checklist

We recently created a great free resource for anyone currently planning to trade show or exhibtion stand. You can download it here.

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