United World Schools

At Portako, one of our areas of specialist expertise is helping schools, colleges and universities to grow, develop and become more efficient by providing them with cost-effective, easily-produced and high quality printed materials and branded promotional products.


United World Schools is dedicated to helping some of the world’s poorest and most marginalised children.

Thanks to donations from thousands of individuals, companies and partner schools, UWS builds schools in remote parts of countries such as Cambodia, Myanmar and Nepal where there is currently no education. UWS then runs these schools until the local government authorities or local community agree to take responsibility for them.

Taught by local teachers, the children are given a good, basic education in their native language – at a fraction of what it would cost to provide the same in advanced, developed nations.



Donate to UWS by clicking here. Just £3 provides a child with educational materials for a month. And £650 will pay the salary of a local teacher for a whole year!

Spread the Word

UWS needs volunteers to fundraise and spread the word about its work. Organise a cake sale, run a half-marathon – or walk across the Antarctic! There are innumerable things you could do.


If you have got specific professional skills that you think UWS could use, contact them today. For example, it could be fundraising or administration work in your local area, or in the UK head office for UWS. Or teaching in one of the UWS schools in Cambodia, Nepal or Myanmar. Or organising publicity and PR campaigns.

Become a Partner

Encourage your organisation to become a UWS partner. Talk to your colleagues at work about how you and they can get involved. There are special UWS programmes for schools, and also for any other company or non-profit organization.

Fundraise for free

Last, but not least, if your school or organisation is already a UWS partner, Portako will donate to UWS 5% of any order for print or promotional merchandise you place with us. Contact us today for more details. Tel: Martin Bender on 020 8391 3001, or email